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View With a Room: Secret Bay, Dominica

Many are the marvelous blessings afforded to guests of Secret Bay, the ultra-exclusive eco-luxury hideaway nestled along the Caribbean Sea just south of Portsmouth in northern Dominica.

There are only six sustainable villas and bungalows here, each of them espousing a style and sophistication that is, at once, luxurious, unpretentious, and in tune with nature.

As Jungle Bay was before Erika’s floods washed her away, Secret Bay works in concert with its pristine natural surroundings, only here the experience provides more on an upscale rendezvous with nature on your own terms rather than a more full-on eco-immersion.

Air conditioning, satellite TV, stereo, dishwasher, washer/dryer – my stylish and smart two-story bungalow had it all… and more… and then some. (I’ll go into the full details in a future hotel review post.)

The biggest luxury to me, though, was the view you see above – a straight shot from my balcony, through the trees in which my bungalow seemed perched, to the legendary Cabrits directly across Prince Rupert’s Bay.

Mere minutes after checking in I found myself transfixed, just standing there on my balcony staring out at Dominica’s other remarkable tombolo as the sun began to set to my left. I almost didn’t notice when a sweet voice called from inside, announcing that she’d be my personal villa attendant capable of meeting my every need.

Oh yeah, there’s A LOT that’s extra special about Secret Bay. This post will be continued…

For more on Secret Bay in the meantime, though, be sure to visit them online.

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