Welcome To @Nature_Island Week, Seven Days Celebrating Dominica

Maybe you always thought that Dominica and the Dominican Republic were one in the same. Maybe all the mainstream news coverage of Tropical Storm Erika several weeks ago has you questioning whether or not you should visit Dominica right now. Or maybe you just love all the posts we’ve published about Dominica over the years and are yearning for more.

Either way, we think you’re going to love @Nature_Island Week!

Over the next seven days, we’ll shine our spotlight exclusively on Dominica, with many of our newest stories stemming from my most recent visit to the island just last week.

How have things changed since the massive flooding brought on by T.S. Erika? Which local bakery is better, Sukie’s or Country Style? What does rum infused with snakes, beetles, lizards, and centipedes taste like? Where can you check-in for luxury pampering in Dominica?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in the days to come here on our site, as well as via our Facebook, twitter, and Instagram feeds. Be sure to follow along wherever you enjoy Uncommon Caribbean!

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