Horseback riding at sunset on the beach near Las Terrenas by Patrick Bennett

Caribbean Wallpaper: Horseback Riding And The Perfect Beach Sunset

The horse may first have been brought to the island of Hispaniola and the area that has become the Dominican Republic by Spanish explorers, but gorgeous moments like today’s wallpaper make me feel that the island would’ve never been complete without them.

Between Las Terrenas on the north coast of the Samana Peninsula and the town of Samana in the south, it’s perfectly normal to share the roads with motos (scooters or small 150cc motorcycles), a few cars, horses, and mules. In fact, I’d wager that the horses on the road at most any given time outnumber the cars!

In Las Terrenas proper, the animals give way to a crush of motos pouring through the streets, zipping around the slower moving cars and trucks. Making your way through town makes me imagine what a Wild West town must have really felt like — albeit with horses and carriages, of course.

We, however, were staying about five minutes west of town, well away from the chaotic traffic, at the very definition of modern luxury: Sublime Samana Hotel and Residences. Here, there are no zooming motos, no cars, no hustle and certainly no bustle. Days are spent quietly lounging around the twin canals of their pool system — broken only by lazy walks over to the beachside grill for fresh fish or lobster.

And days invariably end with long walks on the beach at sunset.

So it was at the end of our second night here last month that we gave into the pull of another picture-perfect sunset and found ourselves strolling along the shore. The seas had settled down from a rough afternoon, birds were already enjoying their dinner as they darted around overhead, while the setting sun crowned the palm trees lining the sand with heavenly golden halos.

I’m not going to lie, being in the Caribbean as often as I am, I’ve seen my fair share of sunsets on the beach and this one was already going about as good as they get… And then these two horses trotted into the scene. Perfect.

Click below to make this magnificent view your window into what a perfect beach sunset looks like — made possible by horses.

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