Country Club Soda Frambuesa

Country Club Soda Frambuesa, Rico en Alegria Dominicana

In most of the world of fruit-flavored soft drinks, the raspberry is very much overshadowed by her orange, grape, and lemon/lime cousins. Not so in the Dominican Republic. Here, in this colorfully vibrant land of beisbol and bachata, the primary soda color is raspberry red. The number-one soft drink, Country Club Soda Frambuesa.

Country Club Soda’s Bonafides

Even if you’ve never been to the DR, it’s easy to tell how beloved this bottle is there… at least if the pronouncements on the drink’s classic glass bottle label are to be believed. First there’s this:

La Bebida de Distinción

Translation: The Drink of Distinction. Seems to more than suggest that nothing else comes close, almost as if the “the” should be in all-caps.

Secondly, as if to further emphasize Country Club Soda’s unparalleled excellence…

Country Club Refresco National Dominicano

Translation: National Dominican Refreshment, or soft drink. Yes, Country Club drink is the self-appointed national drink of the Dominican Republic.

Do they really love it?

Ask most anyone you might meet in the DR, or anyone you might meet who’s from there, though, and you won’t get too many arguments. People LOVE Country Club, especially the frambuesa (raspberry) flavor. A recent ad campaign even equates the feeling of alegria (happiness) one derives from drinking a Frambuesa with the joy of being in the DomRep itself.

I’m a fan of most red sodas, as you might recall, so it should come as no surprise that I like Frambuesa… mostly.

How does Country Club Soda Frambuesa Taste?

There’s a bit of a cream soda consistency here with little bite and not too much fizz. On the sweetness side, though, Frambuesa goes a bit too far for me.

One full bottle had my heart racing a good 30 minutes after it was all gone, a product of the 47 grams of sugar in each 12-ounce bottle. That’s eight grams more than you’ll find in a comparably-sized Coca-Cola! I suggest you add ice and maybe a lemon peel, an orange twist, or even a splash of lime juice to cut the cloying taste a bit.

Still, it’s worth a taste when you’re in the Dominican Republic, even if only to tap into the country’s special feeling of alegria…


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