Solo Motoconcho Ride

Solo Motoconcho Ride to the Beach – Wish You Were Here

More than half (55%) of all registered vehicles in the Dominican Republic are motorcycles. It’s no surprise, then, to find one winding its way to the beach on any given day here. More uncommon, though, is seeing a motoconcho ride like this.

DomRep motoconchos, you see, are often overloaded. Sometimes you see them carrying a few too many passengers. Other times they’re carrying way too many things, or one thing that’s too heavy. Who needs a truck (or even a tow truck) when you have a moto, right?

As overladen as they often are, a leisurely solo motoconcho ride to the shore must make for a nice respite for the typical moto and its driver.

Wish you were here..?

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