Dominican Republic Surfing Adventure

Our initial dabbling into the world of surfing has so far taken us to Barbados and Tobago. We’ve also touched on the wondrous waves in Rincón and St. Barts. It’s a small sample size that in no way reflects the fact that fantastic surf conditions can be found all up and down our vibrant island chain. For added proof, check out this amazing Quiksilver Travel video showcasing some seriously fun surfing adventure packages to the Dominican Republic.


As you might imagine coming from one of surfing’s most legendary brands, these are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill travel packages.

For one thing, they don’t stick you in some McHotel with hordes of leisure lubbers solely bent on partying and playa time. Instead, you get a private 3-bedroom/3-bath Surf House. Your location: two miles off Cabarete Beach. Nice.

For another thing, the emphasis is almost entirely on surfing, with some added nature-based adventure fun and nightlife mixed in.

What makes the Dominican Republic such an ideal surf adventure destination? Here’s what Quiksilver says:

The rugged North Coast of the Dominican Republic has many reefs, beaches and rivermouths with consistent year round surf and no crowds, making it one of the best surf trips available. In addition to the consistent Easterly trade swell, the North Coast catches Atlantic groundswell from Nov-April and hurricane surf season is best in September-October. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is warm, lush and inexpensive making it one of the top surf vacations in the region.

Sounds good to me!

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