Shark Swimming in Amberjack Reef, Exuma | Credit: Colin Ruggiero

Get Wild With The Sharks of Amberjack Reef, Exuma


Most people hear the cry as a warning, quickly vacating anywhere that these notoriously fearsome sea creatures might be found.

Not you.

To you, the cry is an excited affirmation that you’ve arrived at the right place! A place where you can get up close and personal with the most awesome fish in the sea.

Amberjack Reef is just such a place.

One of the top dive sites in the Exuma Islands of The Bahamas, Amberjack is a patch reef measuring about 50 feet in length that is ideal for all levels of divers, from novices on up. The maximum depth is only about 60 feet, and visibility is excellent, maxing out at 130+ feet. That’s great, of course, as there is plenty to see here, especially if you love sharks.

Several different shark species frequent these waters in abundance along with super-sized grouper and immense eagle rays.

More on diving and snorkeling in Exuma here.


*Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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