Pig Beach swim in Exuma | Credit: Colin Ruggiero

Mingling With The Locals On Pig Beach, Exuma

One of the more aptly-named beaches anywhere, Pig Beach is also easily among the most uncommon. This, of course, is where you’ll find the world famous swimming pigs of Big Major Cay. The island is nestled among the 360+ islands, islets, rocks, and cays that comprise the Exuma chain of The Bahamas. If you’re staying in Nassau, like the vast majority of visitors to The Bahamas, you could take a day trip excursion down here. That, however, would mean missing out on the vibes and good times liming here. Amazing people like Rasta Steve, purveyor of the “world’s best conch salad,” deserve more of your time. So too do the amazing folks at Exuma Point, who will make you feel like family in all the very best ways. And believe me when I tell you that once you meet the pigs and experience their insanely beautiful beach, you won’t want to leave anytime soon.

Wish you were here..?


*Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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