My Latest Best Reason to Head Back to Exuma

Like most everyone else, my dreams of returning to the Exumas are usually fueled by sublime scenes of secluded sandy shores, crystalline seas, sandbars, boating and the like.

Recently, though, this image has captivated me even more.

The pic comes courtesy of UC fan and noted filmmaker/pro photographer, Colin Ruggiero. You may remember him as the man behind the stunning film Exuma (Get a sneak peak here!), or the guy responsible for one of our favorite Wish You Were Here posts this year.

The image above, of course, is a lot different than the other examples of Colin’s work we’ve shared thus far.

No bikinis, or boats. No beach or clear-blue seas. Just a beautiful local Bahamian lady sitting astride the road selling all manner of tropical fruits.

I have no idea who she is or where to find her. I only know that I MUST meet her; MUST see that smile in person and learn her story.

Meeting great people and fully immersing in the local scene everywhere we travel is, after all, the true essence of uncommon travel. I can tell just by looking at the photo that a few moments spent with this special lady will only make all those beautiful Exuma beaches and seascapes all the more awesome when next I’m down that way.

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