Blow Hole Cay, Exuma, The Bahamas: Photo of the Day

Even if you’ve never been to The Bahamas, you’ve probably dreamed of it in some way.

The intoxicatingly azure waters within which are nestled these 700 or so tropical dots of paradise are so synonymous with most anyone’s island ideal that an image like this could easily be conjured up without even the faintest knowledge of where this actually might be.

To live this dream, though, you’ll want to venture to the Exumas, a collection of 360+ islands, islets, rock, and cays, a few of which I had the pleasure of hopping around a couple years ago during an amazing extended weekend stay at The Grand Isle Resort & Spa.

My favorite spot? You’re looking at it.

Tiny, uninhabited, fairly remote, and boasting a slight swath of sand seemingly reserved solely for you and whatever  small crew you might have along, Blow Hole Cay is, in many ways, The Bahamas of my dreams.

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