Our Favorite Type of Beach in The Bahamas: Photo of the Day

Dark sand, white sand. Some rocks, no rocks. Lots of shade trees, beach bars, chair rentals or none of the above.

Everyone’s got their own favorite style of beach.

I’m guessing, though, that most every uncommon traveler will find the cozy stretch of shoreline pictured here to their liking.

You can find this spot in the Exuma corner of The Bahamas, a place where crystal-clear water and pristine sands like these are a given. (See shores like these come to life here.) Every beach here is nice, though this particular one stands out to me for what you don’t see – footprints.

No crowds. No concentrated flock of beach umbrellas blighting the scene. Just nature, seemingly reserved exclusively for you…

Photo credit: ace filmmaker and UC fan, Colin Ruggiero.

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