Stocking Island, The Exumas

Dancing Seagulls on Stocking Island, The Exumas, The Bahamas

Stocking Island Sunset

You meet all kinds of wildlife at Chat ‘n Chill on Stocking Island in the Exumas. Most of them are the type you might expect at a famously fun beach bar like this – rowdy guys and gals emboldened by all manner of beers and cocktails to live a bit louder and more colorfully than they might back home.

Everyone is whoever they want to be here; the sand shares no secrets…

At the end of the day, though, after the bar animals depart and the sun begins to set, seagulls take center stage. As they flit about, picking through bar animal refuse, the birds put on quite a show. Just before heading back to Grand Isle for one last night of luxurious fun back in July, I just happened to catch this one little guy enjoying the spotlight.

Check out my feathered friend and dance along with him to the sweet sounds of The Bahamas

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