Saturday Video: How Kalik Got its Name… Allegedly

How Kalik Got Its Name... Allegedly

We meet all kinds of colorful characters on our uncommon adventures around the Caribbean. As Patrick has noted before, and we continue to show in this photo gallery, it is our interactions with these folks that form the basis for a lot of what makes our trips so special. You just never know what you’ll learn when you sit down and take time to talk to a local somewhere in the Caribbean, but you can bet that it will always be a memorable experience.

Take for instance the chance meeting during my trip to Grand Isle in Exuma last weekend with the guy in today’s featured video. I was at the local fish fry waiting for Rasta Steve to fix up his self-proclaimed “World’s Best Conch Salad” for me when I got an unsolicited lesson in where Kalik beer got its name.

Is his story legit? I dunno, but I was as happy to get the lesson as he seemed to be about delivering it…


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