Goofing Around a Sandbar in The Exumas: Wish You Were Here

The 365 or so islands, islets, rocks, cays, and other assorted tropical land masses that comprise the Exuma Islands in The Bahamas make for some seriously great family travel adventures, but it’s the sandbars – sweetly secluded slivers of pristine beachy paradises barely peeking above the waves – that truly tickle the inner child in all of us.

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Soaking in the sun on a sandbar in the Exumas | The Bahamas

Soaking in the sun on a sandbar in the Exumas.
At Anchor

Anchored Off a Sandbar in the Exumas: Wish You Were Here


Sandbar Seclusion in Exuma, The Bahamas: Photo of the Day

Interspersed among the 360 islands, islets, and cays in the Exuma chain of The Bahamas are little patches of sandy heaven like this. Sandbars: pure Bahamas paradise.
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