Swimming Pigs and Paddleboarding Exumas by Patrick Bennett

Paddleboarding to Pig Beach: Wish You Were Here

The smooth seas surrounding the Exumas are the perfect place for a little paddleboarding… Even if you have to share some beaches with swimming pigs.

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Staniel Cay The Bahams sunrise by Patrick Bennett

A Slow Sunrise over the Beach on Staniel Cay

🇧🇸Staniel Cay

Out For A Swim Off Staniel Cay, The Bahamas

Pool? No, this is the Exumas.
Sunrise Over Staniel Cay Airport By Patrick Bennett

Sunrise Over Staniel Cay Airport: Photo of the Day

Staniel Cay Airport (TYM) is like other landing strips that dot the 700 islands of The Bahamas in that it serves as a first taste of pure paradise.
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