Dry Tortugas Ferry
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Dry Tortugas Ferry Boat Sunrise

Okay, it’s not quite as epic as experiencing daybreak at sea from your own private catamaran. Still, catching the sunrise aboard a ferry boat is pretty nice. If said ferry is the Dry Tortugas Ferry, well, even better. 

As the official ferry of the Dry Tortugas National Park, the 110-foot Yankee Freedom provides the primary means of reaching the ramparts of Fort Jefferson.

(Seaplane flights are a great, albeit much more expensive second option.)

The destination is singularly incredible. The ferry ride, though, is a bit less so.

I mean, it’s a big ferry. Full capacity is 250 persons. Considering how special Fort Jefferson is, you can bet that the Dry Tortugas ferry is almost always full.

Amid the tourist horde and beyond basic Jimmy Buffet playlist (ugh), though, there’s still the sea. There’s still the string of protected mangrove atolls along the way. 

Topping things off, at least at the onset of the 70-mile sail, there’s the sunrise. Its beauty makes the journey all the more sweet…

Do not, however, forget your earbuds.

Wish you were here..?

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