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Fort Jefferson Seawalls – Walk Atop The Waves In The Florida Keys

Few corners of the Florida Keys appeal more perfectly to our uncommon travel proclivities than Fort Jefferson. This 19th century stronghold at sea invites all manner of exploration on land and within its surrounding waters. It dominates virtually the entire landmass of Garden Key, 68 miles west of Key West. It’s remote out here, which we love, though not entirely off the map. Touring the fort and soaking up its history could fill a full day. If you’re only here on a day trip, though, you’ll want to leave time for beachcombing, snorkeling, and a stroll atop the Fort Jefferson seawalls. 

Completed in 1872, the Fort Jefferson seawalls extend just over half-a-mile, nearly encircling the fort. They were originally built to serve two purposes. The first: to buffer angry waves from battering away at the fort’s foundations. The second: to keep potential marauding invaders from accessing and scaling the fortress walls.

These days, the Fort Jefferson seawalls continue to fulfill job #1. As for any “invaders,” I guess that visitors like us, and the couple pictured above, would qualify. The seawalls, though, are definitely more welcoming now, offering a unique way to walk atop the waves in the Florida Keys.

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