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Seaside Sunning (and more) at Fort Zach, Key West

The Florida Keys are much more about boating than beaches. That’s not to say that you can’t find nice patches of sand up and down the archipelago. When you’re conditioned to Sandy Point, Grace Bay, Princess Diana Beach, and the like, though… Well, let’s just say that not much measures up.

(Call me a beach snob. Sorry, not sorry.)

One notable exception is Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach.

Located at the extreme southwestern end of Key West, Fort Zach, as it’s known locally, is easy to love. Crystal-clear waters are a big reason why. So too are the small clusters of rocks just offshore. They attract scores of sea life, which makes snorkeling around them as much fun as climbing atop the rocks. Sweetly-shaded picnic areas between the parking lot and the sand are nice too.

All of this plays out in the shadow of a 19th century fort that’s home to the largest collection of Civil War armaments anywhere in the world.

History, great snorkeling, soothing clear water, and plenty of shade trees for an afternoon snooze – yeah, Fort Zach has it all.

Wish you were here…?


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