Lovers Wall
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Lovers Wall, Grand Cayman: Uncommon Attraction

Some of my favorite Caribbean travel discoveries cannot be explained. They’re points of interest that exist to keep us guessing. Remember this Tobago attraction? It’s been 10+ years since we first featured it and still no one, not even Trinidad & Tobago tourism officials, have been able to tell us what it is! Lovers Wall in Grand Cayman is similarly mysterious.

Queen’s Highway Curiosity

The serpentine rock wall extends along a small stretch of Queen’s Highway in Grand Cayman‘s sleepy eastern region. Few are the signs of civilization around this spot.

A small collection of houses sits a few paces to the west. Blue Rock Restaurant and Lounge and Health City Cayman are also nearby.

Overall, though, the area is very underdeveloped; a stark contrast to the bustling touristy environs of Seven Mile Beach and Georgetown.

Lovers Wall GCM
Lovers Wall, September 2022 | Photo by Steve Bennett

Lovers Wall is blessed by a steady breeze that continuously buffets the rocky beach. Attendant sounds and smells are that of Mother Nature doing her thing unimpeded by any of us.

Seagulls cry out as pelicans dive-bomb unsuspecting morsels beneath the waves. Passing clouds tickle the imagination forming all manner of whimsical shapes.

A dog, a couch, and an elephant all paid me visits during my brief stop here. The bright warm sun, the fresh sea air – yeah, I really liked it here.

Lovers Wall Mystery

But, why is it called Lovers Wall?

There’s no plaque to explain the identical, humble wooden signs at either end of the wall.

In keeping with the blissful remoteness of the area, there was also no one around to ask.

Oh well. It was enough for me to just sit on Lovers Wall for a few minutes and enjoy soaking in the scenery. If anyone knows the story behind the wall, though, please let us know by leaving a comment below, or hitting up our Facebook fan page.

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