Bursting Bamboo Sounds of the Christmas Season in Grenada

You’ll shoot your eye out!

It’s the most common refrain of our most favorite Christmas movie, but for kids across the Caribbean a better bit of warning might be: Don’t blow up the neighborhood!

As we first discussed here, the practice of Bursting Bamboo is BIG in our home region during the Holidays. The action starts well before Santa loads up his sleigh, though, as I experienced in early-November when I came across this scene in Grenada.

The kids in the video were very cool and friendly, even allowing us to fire off a few rounds of our own. If you ever come across a group like this and want to join in the fun, just smile and ask politely.

(And proceed with caution as Bursting Bamboo always carries potential dangers.)

More times than not, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed warmly, lending an uncommonly explosive element to your Holiday Season Caribbean travel.


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