How Best To Go Chasing Waterfalls in Grenada

Somehow, surprisingly, I’ve never taken the time to go chasing waterfalls during the scant few times I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in Grenada. This, in many ways, suggests that I never really got to know the real Grenada at all.

Lush rainforests born of the island’s ancient volcanic origins drape interior highlands, spawning a life-giving network of 50+ rivers and streams stretching to the sea. Along the way, waterfalls of varying size await intrepid, and not-so-adventurous travelers alike, roadways skirting virtually to the doorstep of the more accessible falls.

As elsewhere in the Caribbean where rivers and waterfalls abound, these freshwater oases carry strong cultural significance in Grenada. They’ve served as welcoming meeting places for collecting water, washing clothes, cooking, or simply cooling off. They’ve also been revered as places of mystery; the den of the mystical spirit, Mamadjo.

A good bit of the soul of Grenada no doubt courses through her rivers, cascading down her waterfalls.

Next time I’m down there, I fully intend to follow the excellent advice outlining how best to experience Grenada’s waterfalls in this fantastic USA Today piece by my great friend and fellow travel writer, Mark Rogers.

Here’s hoping Mr. Bedeau is still around to guide my adventures… and steer me clear of Mamadjo!


*Photo credit: Flickr user David Kirsch.

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