The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada by Patrick Bennett

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park: Dive Into The Surreal

All the things that make Grenada so special, her people, nature, surrounding seas, and wildlife, all come together to magnificent effect at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. “The World’s First Underwater Sculpture Gallery” is a must-visit for scuba diving and snorkelers alike, of all adventure levels.

I was lucky enough to visit the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park at the end of my epic Grenadines sailing adventure with LTD Sailing. We’d just spent a week of intensive schooling in the age-old maritime arts on our way from St. Vincent down to Grenada. So Chris, my skipper, had planned to end the trip on a high note snorkeling the underwater gallery.

The night before, we’d tied up to a mooring just south of the park in anticipation. In the morning after a quick rinse, coffee, and breakfast—we all hopped in the dinghy and puttered up to our destination. Without any further ado, we flipped into the water, snorkeled round a bend… And there was…


The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park isn’t that simple of an experience.

It’s 800 square acres requires exploration.

Each individual piece is nestled between naturally varied gullies and sun-dappled sandy patches, so you discover each life size part piece by piece. All the while, a kaleidoscope of marine life swim in and out of view—schools of fish, turtles, rays, and more. The effect is a surreal journey through a collection of artificial reefs.

One of the most famous pieces is the one depicting the ring of children holding hands facing outward named ‘Vicissitudes’ and created by Jason de Caires Taylor.

The children depict the adaptability of children in any environment as the sea embraces them and the children become part of their new environment.

It’s truly incredible.

I tried my best to capture the experience in the video below. But it really has to be explored in person to get the full magical effect.

Entry to the marine protected area is free. The sculpture park is located off the west coast in Molinere Bay. You can drive from Grand Anse in less than half an hour, or from St. George’s in about 10 minutes. I’ve also heard of some glass bottom boat tours. But I recommend giving Chris a call at LTD Sailing if you’d like to explore the park yourself.

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