Captivating and Utterly Exclusive Calivigny Island, Grenada: Photo of the Day

When money is no object, Calivigny Island is the place to go.

The ultimate in an ultra-luxury private island escape, Calivigny counts six stupendous white sand beaches, two Balinese and French Colonial-inspired residences, as well as three luxurious cottages among her 80 acres.

There’s also a fleet of private yachts and every other watersports toy you can imagine at your disposal, a pair of professional chefs on-call 24/7 to whip up whatever your heart may desire at any time, day or night, lighted tennis court, two pools, tropical jogging trails, even a nautical-themed tree house above one of those six sublime beaches to excite the inner-child in all of us.

All the furniture you might sit, recline, slouch, or fall asleep on here is designed by Oscar de la Renta, Richard Frinier, or Christopher Guy. Everything you might do here is custom-tailored to your exact wishes and specifications by a staff of 30, all of whom are duty-bound to please you. All the dishes, artwork, and various other posh accoutrements you might enjoy here all espouse the height of luxury befitting the island’s owner, a French billionaire with an obvious taste for life’s finest things.

The nightly price tag here: a reported US$165,000.

Yes, that’s a per-night price!

If you can swing it, though, you can not only expect the best of everything here, but also some serious privacy to boot. Only one group of up to 50 guests is allowed here at any one time, so if someone on the island annoys you during your stay, well, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

During my last trip to Grenada a couple November’s ago, I could only dream of experiencing the Calivigny magic from nearby Le Phare Bleu, a magical place in its own right situated so close to Calivigny that you almost feel like you could reach out and touch it from her sprawling marina.

Clearly, this is one private island that’s likely to remain out of reach for most of us, though it makes for a nice picture, no?

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