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Saturday Video: A Fresh Look at Grenada In Its Purest Form

The successful marketing and branding of a country is always a slippery slope, particularly for those of us charged with turning the trick on behalf of the various destinations spread throughout the Caribbean.

No one country is ever really all about any one thing, which makes getting a focused, targeted message across using as few words as possible quite difficult indeed.

That’s why I love the new Pure Grenada campaign.

If you’ve been to Grenada then I’m sure you’ll agree, few words sum-up this wonderfully diverse and uncommon island, its people, attractions, food, festivals, rum, beaches, and fun better than pure.

It’s written on the smiles that grace the faces of most everyone you meet here, the pristine sands that line Grenada’s beaches, her waterfalls and hiking trails, her fragrant spices, ultra-filling Oil Down, this uncommon hideaway, and more – Grenada is just pure, through and through.

See what I mean…

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