Saturday Video: A Quick Look at Carricaou Carnival

Everyone knows about Trinidad Carnival. If you’ve read UC for awhile, then you also know about Vincy Mas, Anguilla Summer Festival, the other Trinidad Carnival, Crop Over, and even the small Crucian Christmas Festival that we grew up with back in St. Croix.

Carriacou Carnival, however, isn’t even that well-known in the Caribbean.

Come to think of it, the island of Carriacou is pretty anonymous in and of itself. Let’s fix that a bit…

First question: Where is Carriacou?
One of the three principal islands that make up the country of Grenada, Petite Martinique and Grenada being the others, Carriacou lies within the Grenadian portion of the Grenadines, just north of Grenada proper. It’s also the largest island in the Grenadines, measuring a tidy 13 square miles.

Second question: What’s so great about Carnival there?
Well, how about this…

This fantastic little film by Christine Schmitthenner and PearlFilm Film Production beautifully captures the spirit of Carriacou. Sometimes cute, sometimes sexy, generally dirty, and always fun, this looks to be one small island fete we simply must check out soon.

Carriacou Carnival is held annually during the traditional Pre-Lenten Carnival period in either February or March. If you’ve ever been and have some tips for us, please let us know…

*Lead photo credit: Lebawit Girma.

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