Saturday Video: All That’s Great About Grenada

What is Grenada?

Grenada is sailing and savory, authentically West Indian eats. It’s adventure, nature, and endless fun.

Grenada is secret hotels tucked away in the rainforest. It’s also large resorts set along some of the world’s finest beaches.

For me, Grenada is family, distant maternal relatives almost entirely unknown. Everyone is made to feel like family here, though. Such is the depth of the warmth and friendliness of the Grenadian people.

Grenada is rum and fragrant spices; colorful history and beyond beautiful women; unforgettable natural wonders, memories and friends to last lifetime.

In other words, Grenada is all of this…

The credit for this inventive short goes to Christine Schmitthenner, a name you may recognize from this brief glimpse on Carriacou Carnival or this post encapsulating most everything we love about Martinique in just under two minutes. Once again I’m left awe-struck by Christine’s fantastic portrayal of the real Caribbean and more than anxious to return to Grenada soon.

Enjoy more of Christine’s fab films on Vimeo, and be sure to visit her online here.

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