Saturday Video: Missed Trinidad Carnival? Never Fear, Spicemas is Almost Here!

Grenada Carnival. . . from Kemper Ruth on Vimeo.

In my grousing over missing Trinidad Carnival last year, I offered up Vincy Mas in St. Vincent as a viable alternative. This year, I’m stumping for another quintessential summer celebration of Caribbean culture, Grenada’s fantastic Spicemas.

Like Vincy Mas, Grenada‘s largest annual party was moved from the pre-Lenten period to the summer months so as to avoid competing with the larger festivities in Trinidad. The video above gives a brief taste of the action, which looks to be as hot and colorful as any West Indian fete!

This is obviously a great thing for those lucky enough to squeeze both Carnivals into their travel plans, as well as poor schlubs like me that keep missing all the fun.

There’s added personal incentive for me to give Spicemas a try this year as the dates coincide with my birthday. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m hitting the big 4-0 this year… Better get down there and jump-up while I still can!

The fun starts July 24 and runs all the way to August 9. For more info on Grenada Carnival, click here to visit the festival website.

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