Nothing Like Chocolate's Mott Green

Nothing Like Chocolate Film And The Story of Grenada Chocolate

Considered sacred across much of central and south America since at least 1400 BC, chocolate has fallen on spiritually hard times in the modern era. The new documentary Nothing Like Chocolate directed by Kum-Kum Bhavnani tells the story of one man making a delicious difference from a sweet little outpost in northern Grenada: Mott Green.

Recent decades have seen the cacao plant uprooted from its home region, heavily cultivated with child slave labor in West Africa, and stripped of its historical significance to the point where it’s now bought and sold as a simple commodity. Making a difference in the 100 billion dollar global chocolate market would be a tall enough order, but watching this film, you quickly get the idea that all this effort isn’t just for the love of chocolate. It’s as much for the love of the spice island of Grenada and the welfare of Grenadian farmers. Hence the name: The Grenada Chocolate Company.

Just watching the trailer is enough to leave you with a serious chocolate craving. Having watched the entire film, I can assure you you’ll not just be jonesing for a chocolate fix, but one that’s responsibly grown and produced from bean to bar.

Us being us, we went a step further and stopped by the New York Chocolate Show yesterday (It’s on through tomorrow Nov 11th, so hurry if you’re in the area!) and paid Mott a visit.

Be on the lookout for screenings of Nothing Like Chocolate (there’s one tonight at Jacques Torres Chocolate down in Tribeca if you’re in NYC) and do your part to help reform the chocolate industry by supporting artisanal bean to bar chocolatiers like Mott.

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