The Romance of Twilight Time on Petit Calivigny Bay, Grenada

That sexy and secluded 007-style bungalow you checked into at Le Phare Bleu in Grenada? I know you won’t want to leave it.

I know it’s cool and cozy; soothing, tropical wall colors mixed with unique hand-painted mural art and a beyond heavenly bed setting the stage for way more than just sleep.

I know the wispy-white mosquito netting and dark wood furnishings add an extra touch of traditional West Indian charm; of elegance… romance.

I know you won’t want to pull away from your private seaside sanctuary, especially not as it’s just getting dark… but you should.

Venture out onto Le Phare Bleu Marina in the twilight. Bring a bottle, a pair of glasses. Sit close to someone special. Gaze out at this…

Your romantic Moment of Zen on Petit Calivigny Bay…

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