The Unbridled Joy of Spicemas J’ouvert 2015, Grenada

It’s dirty, often drunken, grimy, hot, sweaty, and sexy. It’s j’ouvert, the wildest good time you can ever have to start the day anywhere in the world!

Just yesterday, the wikkid ritual went down once again during the annual Spicemas celebration in Grenada. All manner of visitors and locals of all ages and varied ethnic backgrounds took to the streets for lots and lots of colorful fun, rum, sun, and feting.

Sadly, we weren’t there, but our friends at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas were kind enough to share a few of their images with us to provide a small sense of revelry. Judging by all the big, bright smiles in these pics, Spicemas J’ouvert is a jam we won’t want to miss next year… or ever again!

(Click on images to see enlarged versions.)

Big, BIG thanks go out to our friends at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas for allowing us to share these amazing pics! To book your stay with them for Spicemas 2016, or any other time you’re in Grenada, visit them online.

Also, to see even more great Spicemas 2015 photos, visit True Blue Bay on Facebook.

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