Grenada’s Corner of The Grenadines: Uncommon Envy

They sat there on the horizon, their heads peeking out over the rollicking surf as the fading sun set the stage for romance. Teasing, tempting, they seduced in silence. Words simply were not necessary between us. I was hooked at my first glance of Grenada’s Grenadines.

It’s easy to know Grenada’s largest Grenadine islands – Carriacou (13 square miles) and Petite Martinique (.8 square miles) – marketed, as they are, alongside Grenada herself as The Spice Islands of The Caribbean. There’s more to Grenada’s Grenadines than just that, though.

Four additional islands fall under Grenada’s flag as well – Saline, Frigate, Ronde, and Large Island, which at 37 acres is actually the third-smallest of Grenada’s Grenadines. Unlike Carriacou and Petite Martinique, these tiny Grenadines are uninhabited, no doubt making for uniquely uncommon island hopping exploration and discovery.

From the sandy shore beneath the super sweet Petite Anse Hotel at the far northern tip of Grenada, I sat and enjoyed the view above of these, the smallest Spice Islands, and daydreamed of seeing and experiencing them all. I would be leaving Grenada the following morning, though. Not nearly enough time to take our flirting to the next level…

If you’ve ever been and have tips or suggestions on things we should not miss (like this great beach bar, for instance), let us know in the comments section below.

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