Escape to White Island In The Grenadines… Permanently!

Current events have a lot us hankering for a permanent getaway to a tropical island somewhere. (Maybe not so much here, though.) For those with the means that want the ultimate in seclusion with their permanent getaway, there’s no shortage of private island real estate for sale in the Caribbean. The latest one on our wish list: White Island. Located in Grenada’s section of the Grenadines, White Island sits just one mile off the southern tip of Carriacou. It’s name is derived from the positively pristine white sands that line the 10-acre land mass. The other surrounds here aren’t too shabby either…

Pretty sweet, right?

I really love White Island’s unique topography –– a single elevated hill at one end giving way to a flat, forested interior with those amazing namesake white-sand shores lining three sides… Just beautiful.

So yeah, White Island would seem ideal for riding out any sort of crazy global cataclysm. Only problem is you gotta be pretty crazy rich to plant your flag here.

Price tag: US$3.95 million.

If you can swing it, click here for more info.


*Photo credit: Flickr user Ian Mackenzie.


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