Marveling At Mopion, The Smallest Of The Grenadines

It is the quintessential ideal of a deserted tropical island; the kind where ill-fated sailors get marooned in the movies.

All sand (the ultra-bright pristine kind), a lone rustic shade structure, no trees; waves constantly threatening to wash what little landmass there is away…

It is Mopion, the smallest of the Grenadines…

We’ve only mentioned her once before, and even then only briefly, in part because I’ve never been. This great video introduction to Mopion produced by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Michael Dausend, though, has me more anxious than ever to pop in on Mopion soon, even though I’m well beyond popping the question, as often occurs here.

For more of Michael’s amazing film work, be sure to visit him on Vimeo, as well as his very own website.

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