One Kiteboarder’s Quest to Jump Over Happy Island

For a regular traveler there are more than enough reasons to visit Happy Island—the man-made islet devoted to drinking rum and having a good time.

There’s Janti, the jovial live-in proprietor of this unique watering hole. There’s Janti’s world-famous rum punches. There’s the epic barbecues. There’s the location, with the island beautifully set at the opening of Clifton Harbour off Union Island. There’s the history of Happy Island and its genesis as a pile of discarded conch shells.

As I said, all these reasons would be more than enough for me to make the trip back to the magnificent Grenadines, but for Pro Kiteboarder Jeremie Tronet, those weren’t enough.

With the opening of JT Pro Center kitesurfing school on Union Island (what Steve called The Caribbean’s Most Uncommon Kiteboarding School), Jeremie spends practically every day kiting in the waters off Happy Island’s doorstep. Just add a little rum punch and a lot of adrenaline and you have a recipe for a “what if…” conversation. Specifically:

What if I jumped Happy Island?

Mountains are there to be climbed. Challenges are there to be overcome. And Happy Island is there to be jumped!

See Jeremie’s jump attempt below:

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