Saturday Video: Is Patrick Happily Lost at Sea in The Grenadines?

This week’s Saturday Video post is dedicated to my brother, Patrick.

Let me re-phrase that: My “long-lost” brother, Patrick.

Remember a week ago when he announced in this very space his intention to venture down to The Grenadines to learn the ropes of sailing? Well, other than this one little photo update, we haven’t heard a word from him since!

Is he cast away on some lonely atoll? Shanghaied? Pressed into servitude by modern-day marauding pirates?

Or could it be that he just succumbed to the proverbial Siren’s Song of The Grenadines, forever dedicating himself to this utterly magical corner of the Caribbean Sea, her charms and affections?

If today’s featured video from True Blue Bay Resort Grenada is anything like Patrick’s experience these past seven days, then I imagine that the most likely answer is obvious…

As you might also imagine, I’d be happy to book a flight down there to try and track him down if he doesn’t turn up soon!

What do you say, True Blue Bay; think you can help me find my brother…?

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