Sunset at Plage-de-Malendure, Guadeloupe

Plage-de-Malendure, Guadeloupe: Sunsets Here Last Forever

If you’re looking for a truly special sunset, you might want to try Plage-de-Malendure on the west coast of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe.

Sunsets happen every day and are experienced by billions of people all around the world. And yet, undeniably, some sunsets are simply better than others. More magnificent. They transcend the time and place to become a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Enter Plage-de-Malendure, Guadeloupe

Plage-de-Malendure is a Mecca for divers from around the world thanks to the 1,000 hectares of protected seabed below the waters surrounding îlets-Pigeon. Home to vibrant corals, fish, turtles, and even occasional humpback whale songs, this area was so beloved by non other than Jacques-Yves Cousteau, that it now bears his name.

Yes, The Cousteau Reserve is magnificent below the waves, but as you can see, it’s beautifully dramatic above sea level as well.

On a recent trip, it was more than enough to sit on the sands of Plage-de-Malendure with a glass of agricole at my lips and just take in the view. As the warm Caribbean sun dipped behind îlets-Pigeon, it poured a radiant glow over the entire bay.

Boats bobbed in it, children splashed through it, waves glittered under it, and I could even imagine the sea life swimming through its depths. It was one of those rare sunsets that burns itself into your memory forever.

Sunset at Plage de Malendure, Guadeloupe

But don’t take my word for it. Head to Plage-de-Malendure to soak in the sunset yourself.

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