Today’s Sunrise Over Terre-De-Haut, Guadeloupe

I couldn’t sleep last night.

This despite enjoying a nice room at Hotel LoBleu, a charming little boutique property nestled 25 strides (I just got up and counted) from the sea in the heart of Terre-de-Haut, the most easterly of Guadeloupe’s sublime Îles des Saintes.

I just arrived here yesterday afternoon, the visit meant to be the crowning portion of a perfectly imperfect first trip back to Guadeloupe for me in 30+ years. Poor planning on my part, plus more than a few work intrusions conspired to keep my adventuring in Gwada to a minimum.

From the minute I came ashore in Terre-de-Haut, though, I could tell my luck was about to change, the unmistakable small island charm and laid-back friendly vibe suggesting that I should’ve concentrated my whole visit here.

I felt it stepping off the ferry from Trois-Rivières, walking the narrow streets to LoBleu, checking in and enjoying a nice rhum vieux on the hotel’s breezy beachfront deck, and settling in for the night. I felt at ease, at home.

Still, the butterflies bandied about my belly, keeping me awake. I guess I was excited to see what Terre-de-Haut had to offer.

If the early returns pictured above are any indication of what’s to come, I’m in for an amazing day.

This is the view of today’s sunrise from high atop Le Chameau, the highest peak on Terre-de-Haut (elevation: 1,004 feet). Insomnia inspired me to make the steep and sweaty climb in time for the 5:45am sunrise.

I wasn’t the only one getting an early start to the day, as you can see. No doubt, this special place inspires all to get up and get out early to enjoy her charms…

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