Îlet du Gosier, Guadeloupe: Uncommon Envy

As you may have gathered from this recent post, or maybe this one, the first two days of my latest trip to Guadeloupe spent in Le Gosier left a bit to be desired. It wasn’t all bad, of course, and most of the blame for the missteps that caused me to miss out on a few choice experiences could most certainly be pinned on me.

Still, I’m not sure that I ever need to go back to Le Gosier… except maybe to venture to the spot pictured above.

This is Îlet du Gosier, It sits just offshore Datcha Beach, so close to the mainland that strong swimmers can no doubt make it over there, no problem. A ferry is another option (operating hours – 9:30am to 5pm | cost: €3), or you can rent a kayak or jetski from any one of several watersports operators in the area.

(*Tip: Go with a local fisherman like my new friend Wilfred, though, and you can stay through sunset. Hit me up here for his number.)

Îlet du Gosier is tiny, but from what I hear an uncommon traveler can enjoy big fun on a day trip here.

Below the waves, excellent snorkeling over vibrant coral reefs awaits at either ends of the islet, as well as in and around a capsized tugboat near the dock. On land, the pristine white sand beach is generally pretty quiet on weekdays. There’s also a small restaurant on-site specializing in – what else – seafood. You can also trek over to the islet’s brightly-colored lighthouse, where the 900-year-old remains of an Amerindian woman were discovered in recent years.

Some history, a nice beach, no crowds, and good seafood – yeah, I’d say Îlet du Gosier ranks near the top of my envy list for Guadeloupe. There’s always next time, though, right..?

If you’ve ever been to Îlet du Gosier and have any other reasons why we should (or shouldn’t) check it out when next we’re in Guadeloupe, let us know in the comments section below…

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