Get Your Star Wars Geek On In Guatemala

Here at Uncommon Caribbean, as in most of the rest of the world, we’re downright giddy over the latest installment in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, which just opened a few days ago.

As kids, my brothers and I used to play-pretend mock Star Wars adventures for hours, each of us humming the franchise’s iconic theme music as we traipsed through the bushes of St. Croix on some imaginary damned fool mission.

Even today, the familiar galactic refrain continues to play in the back of my mind on hiking adventures throughout the Caribbean.

Yes, I am a Star Wars geek.

As such, I’m quite keen on visiting the temples of Tikal in the wilds of Guatemala.

A sprawling Mayan city from a long time ago, where they used to study galaxies far, far away, Tikal was among the exotic locations featured in the very first Star Wars film back in the mid-1970s.

Don’t remember seeing it? Then perhaps this view will help…

Temples of Tikal, Guatemala | Credit: Flickr user Mike Murga
Temples of Tikal, Guatemala | Credit: Flickr user Mike Murga

The image should remind all Star Wars fans of this…

Indeed, Tikal served as the location for the Rebel Base on Yavin 4 in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope!

I’ve read that you can enjoy the same vantage point as the Rebel sentry tracking the Millennium Falcon as it landed on Yavin by climbing Temple IV and looking to the east at Temples I, II, and III.

Ever make the trek to Tikal? Got any tips to help us enjoy the experience to the fullest? Let us know below, or reach us directly here.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Ken Douglas.

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