Southern Haiti

Experience The Beautiful Side Of Haiti

There is always more to a country than meets the eye.

To me, nowhere is this statement more true than in Haiti. No country that I’ve ever visited is more easy to fear, to disparage, to disregard… assuming, of course, you only follow what’s popularly said about it. Venture here, though, and everything changes. At least it did for me, and not just because my day job business dealings in Haiti usually find me staying at the country’s finest hotel. There exists amazing, awe-inspiring beauty all over this magical country. In its genuinely warm, endlessly proud, and unbelievably resilient people, its art, its cuisine, its fashion, history, music, and colorfully rich culture – the closest such heritage we have to Africa on this side of the globe – Haiti continually inspires me more and more with each visit. Yes, there’s a great deal of poverty. Yes, traffic is generally horrendous in and around the capital city. Yes, there remain many, many improvements to be made encompassing many basic aspects of daily life that most of us take for granted. But, Haiti, just like everywhere else, is not all one thing. What’s bad is bad there. What’s good… well… some of it is like this…

If you’re intrigued and want to give Haiti a try but aren’t sure where to get started making travel plans, let me know. I have personal contacts with Haiti’s top tour operators, each of them experienced and capable of handling all of your travel needs. I’m always happy to put UC readers and fans in touch with the right people, of course, so hit me up here if we can help.


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