Labadee, Haiti

Another side of Haiti: Feed the Uncommon Caribbean Flickr Pool

When Patrick and I sat down in a midtown Manhattan bar a little over a year ago to start planning what Uncommon Caribbean would eventually turn out to be, we both agreed that exceptional photography was a top priority. (Having really cool t-shirts was deemed important as well, but that’s a story for another time.)

Thankfully, Patrick is a pro photographer, as you’ve no doubt noticed in all of his posts (for further proof, click here), giving us a great foundation of images to draw from right from the start. I do my best to keep up with my semi-pro Olympus Pen camera as well, but we certainly don’t do it alone.

UC readers and fans just like you have contributed some of the best images we’ve used to relate tales of our special brand of Caribbean travel. Sometimes it’s a singular shot like this one by Daniel Farrell that helps to illustrate an attraction like the Bath Hotel & Spring House in Nevis that I experienced last year, but didn’t capture quite as well in my pics. Sometimes it’s a whole series of images, like these by José Francisco that capture the awesome natural beauty of a place we haven’t been in several years, like Puerto Rico‘s Rio Camuy Caves, in a manner right in line with our vision.

Then there are shots like the one above by Mangrove Mike. It was snapped in Haiti, a place we haven’t been since I was a kid and Patrick was still in diapers. I love this photo for the other side of Haiti it displays. Yes, this star-crossed country suffers like few other places on earth, but there is a bright side that breeds hope for a better tomorrow, fueled in part by tourism.

I’m sure many of you have similarly poignant photos from your Caribbean adventures. If you’d like to see them featured here on Uncommon Caribbean, all you have do is click here and submit ’em to our Flick photo group. All images are considered for publication on our site, so upload your best shots today!

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We want your photos! Feed the Uncommon Caribbean Flickr Pool

We want your photos! Add your best Caribbean images to the Uncommon Caribbean Flickr photo pool.
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