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Look Up As You Leave The Water at Bananier Beach, Haiti

Look down.

It’s generally good advice when entering or exiting unfamiliar waters. Rocks, sea urchins, and other hazards can lay hidden in the churning surf and sand just waiting to cut into your good times… Literally.

So it was that I kept my gaze affixed to the sea floor as I made my initial exit from the sea following the first of many quick dips at Bananier Beach, the super-secluded sweet stretch of sublime shoreline near Petit-Goave in southern Haiti.

Steady, supple waves gently nudged me shoreward as I trudged carefully along.

Then, suddenly, wild laughter from somewhere up the beach caused me to pause.

I looked up, but never learned what the commotion was all about. I was distracted –– spellbound, really –– by the beauty of Bananier.

The cluster of soaring coconut palms stretching the length of the beach just beyond the surf, the artfully simple wood and wire fencing, freshly-raked sugar-white sand –– even for a well-traveled beach-lover like me, it was a scene out of a dream.

I can’t thank my friends at The Marriott Port-au-Prince enough for turning me on to this exceptionally special place. For more on Bananier Beach, click here.

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