On-Site Haiti: Gearing Up For Tuesday Happy Hour Mojito Madness

It’s not hard to find a good party any night of the week in Port-au-Prince, as we’ve shown before. Even Tuesday has its jam, as I’m about to find out.

I’m writing to you right now from the pool area at The Marriott Port-au-Prince where the weekly Mojito Night Happy Hour is in full effect!

As uncommon as it might sound to be enjoying mojitos poolside in Haiti, it’s the variety of mojitos available to savor here that makes this party extra special.

The mojito menu here changes each week, with one of seven different variations of the cocktail – all created by the hotel’s talented bartenders – seeing time in the spotlight and satisfying guests. There are always four or five total varieties, depending on what’s in-season/available.

Tonight’s menu: passion fruit, watermelon, coconut, and the tried and true classic mojito.

Which one will be the best? I’ll have an answer (assuming I survive all this fun) soon enough…

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