One Lonely Fishing Boat in Port-Salut, Haiti: Photo of the Day

Many are the various different types of boats you’ll see in and around Haiti.

As elsewhere in the Caribbean, megayachts, catamarans, sportfishing motoryachts, and other pleasure boats ply these waters (especially here!) pursuing the same level of fun and adventure you’d expect in more common boating hot spots, The Bahamas, BVI’s, and Grenadines, among them.

More often, though, the boats you’ll see in Haiti are more modest, bearing the tell-tale signs of improvisation, ingenuity, and perseverance that in many ways define the long-beleaguered country and its people to me.

Haiti simply endures.

No matter what, more so than anywhere else I’ve been.

Boats like this one, seemingly carved from a single tree in the same centuries-old tradition once employed by the Taino Indians who originally inhabited Hispaniola, speak to Haiti’s strength, its dogged determination, and hopefully, a brighter future with strong ties to the past.

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