Remembering Haiti Earthquake Victims: Photo of the Day

On this date, exactly four years ago, the oft-tumultuous history of Haiti took a dramatically dark turn, even by its legendarily star-crossed standards. The catastrophic, magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck just before 5pm that day was beyond tragic, of course, but in many ways it’s also served as a turning point.

Oh there are still problems in Haiti, many of them on a scale well beyond what you might encounter across the rest of the Caribbean. At the same time, though, it’s impossible to deny the progress that’s being made, particularly in the area of tourism.

On each of my three visits to Haiti last year, I saw or learned of new hotels and resorts, restaurants, and attractions. Airport expansion and re-development programs are also underway, as are general clean-up and beautification efforts along the country’s roadsides and urban areas.

Haiti is moving forward in many ways that we hope to continue sharing with you in the months ahead. Today, though, we remember those who lost their lives that fateful day, some of whom are memorialized in the wall pictured above located within the UN headquarters in Port-au-Prince.

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