Skirting Past Haiti’s Ile Permantois: Photo of the Day

You quickly come to expect the uncommon when exploring around Haiti.

Incredible cave systems, pulse-pounding nightlife, pristine beaches, surfing (really!), nice resort hotels, even nicer city hotels, unique art treasures – the list literally goes on and on.

Still, I was thrown for a bit of a loop upon first sight of Ile Permantois.

It was a rainy Wednesday morning in May, the seas around Île-à-Vache a roiling mess. There was talk of abandoning plans for an early morning departure back to the mainland, but the call of adventure won out in the end. We set off away from Port Morgan en route to Les Cayes… though not before a quick side trip to the spot pictured above.

Coming across a tiny islet perfectly rimmed with pristine white sand in Haiti’s territorial waters was nothing new, of course. Remember this and this?

What stood out for me about Ile Permantois, though, were the dwellings. People actually live here!

Through the rain drops I could barely make out their shapes moving about the shelters seeking refuge and gathering possessions better kept out of the elements.

I could also make out a few solar panels, surely the sole source of electricity on so remote an island outpost.

What must it be like to come ashore here? To meet the residents, see how they live, hear their stories.

Sadly, for me, this uncommon adventure would have to wait for another day…

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