Somewhere Along The Road in Southern Haiti: Photo of the Day

My recent post on almost missing the best view in Tobago reminded me of this other great view pictured above that I happened to capture by chance earlier this year in Southern Haiti.

As noted previously, the road between Port-au-Prince and the pristine white sands of Haiti’s Sud Department is long, windy, and occasionally rugged. It’s easy to pass the time along such a trek catching a few z’s, which is just what I was doing when we happened along a major traffic jam.

I’m not entirely sure where we were, but I can tell you that the kids in the area really care about education. It was their demonstration over missing too many days of school due to allegedly excessive teacher absences that had the road clogged in both directions.

Steadfast, orderly, and calm, the kids weren’t budging, presenting a welcome opportunity to stretch our legs and take in more of Southern Haiti’s sublime natural beauty.

All-too-soon, though, it was time to leave, the kids allowing a brief reprieve for a slight trickle of traffic to move on through. I, for one, would’ve been happy to stay a good while longer, of course; to hike down to the shore, that inviting red roof, and the smattering of coconut palms dotting the peninsula.

What other uncommon treasures could they be hiding…?

Next time, I thought, a student protest wouldn’t be required to get me to stop here again…

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