Haiti Kanaval Rum Baggies: Uncommon Buy

Carnival and rum – could any two things go better together?

Well, yes… and no.

The latter certainly fuels the debaucherous fun that in many ways defines the former, but the glass bottles in which you typically find rum pose hazards we’d all just as soon rather avoid while wurkin’ up. At the same time, it’s not like Carnival costumes come equipped with too many (or any) pockets, and believe me, you’ll want to have your hands free pon di road…

Many rum companies have addressed these issues by developing small plastic flasks (Pure Jab, anyone?). On a recent trip to Haiti, though, I found something a bit more uncommon.

The “Rum Baggies” pictured above are produced by the guys at Berling S.A., makers of the amazing Rhum Labbé. The company introduced ’em in time for Haiti Kanaval 2013 back in February, where by all accounts they were a big hit!

The product inside the baggies contributed greatly to the success, no doubt, but it’s the portability that made these little flavor packets perfect for Kanaval. They fit right in the palm of your hand…

Rum right in the palm of your hand | SBPR

Rum right in the palm of your hand | SBPR

Haiti Kanaval ended months ago, of course, but I still saw people popping open and sucking back these bags all over Port-au-Prince just a few weeks ago.

For some rum lovers it seems, portability is a plus to be enjoyed year-round…

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