Aching for an Escape to Abaka Bay Resort on Ile a’ Vache, Haiti: Uncommon Envy

I just arrived back in Haiti earlier today! I’m always excited to be here, as you may have gleaned from my recent posts on this magical place. Sadly, though, this particular trip will leave a bit to be desired…

The reason: I’m hunkered down in Port-au-Prince for business meetings. No beach bar-hopping around the country’s storied and mountainous northern region, attending a Vodou ceremony, or discovering little-known private islands this time.

Actually, I had originally hoped that this visit would include time to explore Le Département du Sud, Haiti’s dynamic and diverse extreme southwestern region. Each time I visit Haiti, or speak to anyone of Haitian decent about the country, they all tell me I won’t believe the absolutely unspoiled natural beauty there.

In particular, they speak glowingly about the beaches in Le Sud – miles and miles of unbelievably pristine white sand beaches seldom trod by American travelers.

Even more specifically, they praise Ile a’ Vache.

Only eight miles long and two miles wide, Ile a’ Vache is a petit and pristine offshore island hideaway said to offer some of the most scenic views anywhere in the Caribbean. Lush valleys and rolling hills climbing to nearly 500 feet combine with natural swamps and one of Haiti’s largest mangrove forests to create a wonderfully compact nature playground for the island’s 15,000 or so residents and those lucky enough to venture here.

When I go, I’m hoping to check in at the Abaka Bay Resort. This video offers a few good reasons why…

One of those amazing Sud Département beaches, modern comforts, and a variety of accommodation options are nice pluses for me, but it’s the laid back style of the place that seems to encourage interaction with the local residents that really has me excited. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to bring in the catch of the day with local fisherman as shown in the lead image above?

With rates starting at just US$110 per-night based on double occupancy for one of Abaka’s rustic beachfront or oceanview rooms, the price is right too.

For more on Abaka Bay Resort, visit the property’s website here.

*Lead photo credit: Noah Darnell via Flickr.

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