Ian Flemming’s Goldeneye Resort, Birthplace of James Bond

Ian Flemings GoldenEye, Jamaica. Chris Blackwell

Continuing the James Bond vibe from last Saturday, today’s featured video showcases the one hotel property where you can most live out the 007 aesthetic: Goldeneye.

For true devotees of all things Bond, there’s hardly a better place you’d ever want to visit.

This posh and cozy estate on Jamaica’s north coast is where Ian Flemming once lived and wrote the thrilling novels that would eventually become our favorite movie franchise. Near the start of the video above, you can even see and hear Flemming discussing the origin of the name James Bond!

Goldeneye’s Flemming-Bond roots, already richly romantic on their own, are elevated here by virtue of the property’s current owner, the legendary Chris Blackwell.

We previously outlined much of what makes Blackwell one of the most revered personalities to have ever called the Caribbean home here and here. In this video, he covers some of his amazing life’s story again, painting his hopes and aspirations for Goldeneye in the context of the special success he’s achieved in the world of music and entertainment.

By the looks of the property, it appears Mr. Blackwell has another smash hit on his hands!

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